Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Midday update (Tuesday 12/2)

Max's GI situation got a lot worse today. As of this morning he hadn't stooled despite the addition of prune juice to his diet and a suppository. In addition, he showed other symptoms related to his GI distress: swelling of his lower extremities and groin, and increased respiratory distress (including a minute-long apnea/brady this morning).

The docs gave him a blood transfusion, hit him with some Lasix and then planned to give him another blood transfusion. (No word on whether they used the famous BUN + Age = Lasix dose formula.) They've increased his respiratory support (higher flow through his canula, higher-than-room-air O2 percentage), and they've tilted his bed more, raising his head.

They're consulting with the surgical team on whether to do a biopsy for Hirschsprung's disease. At this point they don't think it's NEC, but they'd rather be safe than sorry.

No increase in head circ; they'll tap him only if they need to do so as part of a sepsis workup.