Friday, December 26, 2008

Max in the step-down NICU

(Late-night update: Max indeed is taking his time figuring out how to breathe without support--the NICU team put him back on a cannula this afternoon. Maybe next time!)

I stopped by the NICU today to see Max in the step-down NICU, aka "CCN2". It's a much cheerier place than his previous home: fewer babies, and none of them in serious trouble. As you can see from the picture, Max wasn't on a nasal cannula while I was there. His sats were quite good--averaging around 95---although by the time I left he'd had a few desats. It may take him a while to get the hang of breathing.

As always, pictures do't do him justice because he closes his eyes whenever I pull my camera out. At other times, he's alert and looking around. I like to think that Max was checking out his swank new address. It's a big change from the critical-care nursery. No doubt he misses some of his friends, but with luck they'll be along shortly to join him.