Monday, December 22, 2008

Midday update (Monday 12/22)

Carolyn got to the NICU this morning to find Max in a bouncy seat. We've come a long way from the scrap of flesh pinned down in an isolette. According to speech therapist S. Max rooted actively and then sucked steadily for 15 minutes. During this morning's head ultrasound, Max got sort of agitated, and S. gave him a pacifier, and by sucking on it he soothed himself. Suck! Root! Self-regulation! S. was giddy from success and tried him on a bottle; he spat the milk back out at her. Baby steps, baby steps.

The NICU team use the results of the head ultrasound to determine the evolution of Max's ventriculomegaly and, more generally, his hydrocephalus. We've found it better for our mental health not to speculate about the results.

(Last night's head circ reading was 36.0 cm; the head circumference figure will reappear tonight I swear.)