Monday, December 22, 2008

Late night update (Monday 12/22)

Bonus update!

New head circumference reading for tonight-- 36.0 cm again. Nurse K. noticed that Max's stocking (attached to his crib) is stuffed with hospital-grade pacifiers. The supply cabinet at the NICU is chronically short of these items; nurses speculate darkly about the thriving black market in "soothies". One might worry about leaving such precious commodities hanging out in the open. However, now weighing in at 6.6 lbs, we consider Max well able to defend his property in the mean streets of the NICU. (Just don't ask him to suck 0r breathe on his own.)

Nurse K. reported that Max didn't enjoy being naked on the scale--too much like the final judgment one presumes. He calmed down after he got his clothes back on. By the way, his laundress replaced all of his dirty and extremely smelly clothing today.

As we reported earlier, Max was introduced to the bouncy seat today. Nurse J. reported that the minute the vibrating feature was activated, his eyes popped wide open.

Pictures of the precious pacifiers.