Friday, December 26, 2008

Late night update (Friday 12/26)

As a Christmas present, Max moved to "CCN2" aka the "step down NICU". Carolyn and I both held him for extended periods today. I got him to take 3 ccs of milk from a bottle (only 57 ccs to go!) without freaking out. He also sucked heartily on a pacifier for me. The head circ reading for tonight was stable.

On a light note, the NIC unit ran out of preemie diaper wipes. We, of course, have a huge stash of them at home. I brought in most of our supply, where they were distributed to babies in CCN1 and CNN2. Carolyn also bought artisinal chocolates for the nurses, who, as a rule, really are too skinny.

Cj and I have mixed emotions about seeing Max "graduate" to the less-intensive side of the NICU. When I was on the high intensity side today--Max's home since he was born---I noticed just how many very, very sick babies it has. Max isn't in an isolette anymore, nor does he have a Christmas tree of medications running into him. Shocking as it feels, it is time for Max to make way for the really sick babies.