Monday, December 8, 2008

Morning update (Monday 12/8)

Warning: do not read while eating. This morning's update discusses stools, qualities of.

Max's digestive system seems to be getting in gear. After a worryingly long hiatus (24 hours? more?), Max stooled again this morning at 6:00 AM. Like all of his efforts since he went off IV nutrition, this wasn't the standard "sunny and runny" production of a baby eating exclusively breast milk: it had a lot of dark mucus in it. We're told that anything is okay except blood, so obviously this is good news.

Max also got his last dose of antibiotic and with that this docs took out his IV. He is now free to wave his hands around. Maybe we need to get a toy into them asap? He remains off respiratory support, so he doesn't have a canula and its air hose to drag around either. Relax, he's still hooked up to a ton of monitors, so he's still a little astronaut. Chances are, he'll take those monitors with him when he comes home.

A PA from the neuro service came to feel the lumps on his head. She would only remark cryptically that "stable is good" but was otherwise silent. This is the first documented appearance of the neuro service in a while, so I suspect that they're getting back to work after a long Thanksgiving break. Or maybe those crazy phrenologists are operating on some kind of vampire schedule so we always miss them.