Monday, December 15, 2008

Morning update (12/15)

Carolyn reports that Max was snoozing very deeply this morning. However, as we were talking, physical therapists J. and A. walked into the NICU, so Max is about to be jerked out of sleep. The speech therapist, however, is out sick today, so Max will get a slight break.

According to the NICU team, Max's special monitor went off a couple of times over the night, mainly responding to desats. The extra monitor comes off today sometime. Dr. H. intends to repeat the exercise once more before Max leaves. I'm still not quite sure what this was intended to discover. However, Carolyn did learn that before Max leaves the hospital, we bring in a car seat and they wire him up when he's sitting in it to see whether he can tolerate it.

The big news is that the neuro service have "released" Max. This means that they won't come by every day to examine Max, feel his fontanel etc. The nurses will continue to measure his head circumference and the NICU team will feel his fontanel as part of their regular examinations, but Max is no longer in the cross-hairs of the neurosurgeons as a likely surgical candidate. Let's keep our fingers crossed.