Friday, December 5, 2008

Midday update (Friday 12/5)

Big news! Max pooped. Carolyn texts me that there's a big celebration at the NICU. This obviously goes a long way to soothing our fears about NEC, Hirschsprung's etc. Max is also tolerating his feeds well.

The NICU team also weaned him from his nasal canula. Carolyn reports that he appears "quite handsome" without it. Max is breathing well on his own, without any As or Bs, and only a few Ds.

His earlier blood cultures showed just a basic staff infection, not one of the scary bacteria that do everything but drive cars and spray graffiti on your house. His yeast infection is about the same; and he continues to be fairly oedemous.

Carolyn reports that she did calisthenics with him earlier this afternoon, and that while Max was bright-eyed during rounds and his workout, he zonked out afterwards. For a preemie, a morning of being examined and exercised is a huge day. He's got to get his 22 hours of sleep in!